Irpel S.r.l. operates since 1980 with a specific goal: supplying very high quality leather for garments to its customers.

Irpel S.r.l. is located in Solofra (AV), one of the three Italian poles of tanneries. The owner, Michele Josè Basso, strongly wanted a new factory, to be able to offer an highly professional sales service and a leading-edge technical system.

During 2002, Irpel has inaugurated its new factory in Via Consolazione (Solofra). The new factory can produce around one million of square feet in a month, with particular attention for nappa for garments.

We turn our attention to those customers who need buying leather for garments without compromises on quality, paying strong attention to delivery terms.

We are very careful to technological evolutions and we always invest on research and improvements, because we think that, by the continuous improvement of our factory and of our technology, we are now, and always will be, able to provide to our customers leather of the highest quality.



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